Our Staff

Our Staff


Cheder Menachem boasts a staff of dedicated and passionate teachers and volunteers, all working together to ensure that every child is learning and growing with a strong sense of pride and identity.

At Cheder Menachem, teachers frequently move beyond the typical teacher-student relationship to forge a closer bond and mentor the child. More than simply imparting information, they serve as role models. These are people who choose to come to Cheder every morning not only to teach, but to inspire, to grow and to give.

Students at Cheder Menachem also enjoy a wide array of extra-curricular experiences such as Art, Music, Dance, & Physical Education.

Our Staff:

Morah Mindy Steinberg - We are pleased to welcome Morah Mindy to our staff. Morah Mindy will be caring for our infants and one year old toddlers, as well as teaching the nursery students in the afternoon. Her warm and lively personality will surely enhance our child care & nursery classrooms.

Morah Zisi Bernstein - We are pleased that Morah Zisi will IY”H once again be joining our staff as the nursery teacher. A Shlucha and Mommy from Freehold NJ, Morah Zisi is a warm and loving teacher with plenty of experience. We know our nursery students will be enriched by her presence.

Morah Chanie Goldstein will IY”H be working as an assistant to Morah Zisi. Morah Chanie has worked with preschool children for many years. Her warmth, care and special touch have enhanced our nursery classroom.

Morah Sarah Wilansky - .Morah Sarah comes to Cheder with years of experience in the preschool classroom. She joins our staff as the teacher for our Nursery 2 class. Her calm demeanor and her creative drive will enhance our students experiences this year.

Morah Dina Goldenberg – Morah Dina is the founding teacher of the Cheder. בע"ה We are happy to welcome her back in her capacity as a Kindergarten Teacher for Judaic Studies. Morah Dina comes with extensive experience and knowledge in Early Childhood Development. Her talents and dedication make her an integral part of our staff. She will also continue as the Cheder librarian.

Mrs. Reena Greenspan -  Mrs. Reena Greenspan joins our staff as our Grade 1 general studies teacher. Mrs. Greenspan has years of experience in elementary education and uses her warmth and creativity to create the perfect classroom environment. She is determined to see her students learn to read and write, as well as master many other essential skills.

Morah Bassy Belinow – Morah Bassy Belinow is an organized teacher who enjoys working with children & most recently taught at the New England Hebrew Academy . We are excited to welcome Morah Bassy to teach Judaic studies to Grade 2. Morah Bassy has a passion for teaching and will put her all into any job. With Bassy’s experience working in classes of many grade levels, she will be a great asset to our school.

Mrs. Arlene Dobrow - With over 30 years of experience in the classroom, we are privileged to have Mrs. Dobrow as part of our amazing team. Mrs. Dobrow taught 2nd & 3rd grade for many years at Solomon Schechter Schools. She will be teaching our 2nd graders reading, writing and critical thinking (General Studies).

Morah Gitty Strassberg -  Morah Gitty is a responsible and dedicated teacher. She is a graduate of Beth Rivkah Division of Higher Learning. She is hard working and determined to help her students succeed. Morah Gitty will be teaching our grade 4 and 5 judaics as well as our grade 7 judaic and general studies.

Morah Chaya Kanelsky – The Cheder is enriched with the return of Morah Chaya. Mrs. Kanelsky completed her studies in Israel where she graduated with a Bachelor’s in Education. She is a highly skilled teacher, with many years’ experience. Morah Chaya will IY”H be teaching Judaics and ivrit to the Grades 4 - 7.

Mrs. Joan Goodman – Mrs. Goodman has been an enthusiastic Language Arts teacher for years, teaching middle school in the public school system and then Grade 4 in Solomon Schechter of Raritan Valley for the last 15 years. Mrs. Goodman will be teaching our Grades 4-7 Language Arts.

Rabbi Koppel Chaiton Rabbi Koppel Chaiton is the Shliach of Hamilton & Robbinsville, NJ. With a genuine love for teaching, coupled with talents and creativity, we are happy that Rabbi Chaiton returns as part of the Cheder family. Rabbi Chaiton will IY”H be teaching our Grade 6 boys.

Rabbi Pinchus Rieber– We are pleased to welcome Rabbi Pinchus Rieber as a teacher for the boys division. Rabbi Rieber has been teaching for over twenty years and brings with a vast array of knowledge and teaching techniques. Rabbi Rieber will teach the grade 4 boys all Judaic subjects & Grade 6 Chumash & Mishnayos.

Mrs. Sarah Englard – Mrs. Englard has extensive experience as an Art teacher in summer camps and adult programming. She is also a talented artist in her own right. Mrs. Englard will provide a weekly Art program for our students. בע"ה We are excited to have her as part of our staff.