Cheder logo web.jpgCheder Menachem of New Jersey is a small day school, located in Central New Jersey. Founded in 2004 by Rabbi D. Dubov, the Cheder grew from a small home school to its current size and location. Currently, it services local Shluchim & Anash  by providing a high standard of elementary education based on Chasidic principles, thought and attitude. It is the only school of its kind in the area.

The Cheder is literally a lifeline to the participating families, who otherwise would not have access to an education as per their lifestyle and religious requirements. Participating families can rest assured that their children will receive the same kind of Jewish Chassidic education they would receive had they been living in a Chabad metropolis such as Brooklyn or Pittsburgh.

The Cheder boasts small classes, a high student-teacher ratio, and a modern, spacious facility. Children have the daily opportunity to learn with fellow Tzeirei HaShluchim, face to face with Chassidishe role models, immersed in an environment ibergegeben to the Rebbe’s values and teachings. Cheder Menachem builds the future as it trains future Rabbis and Rebbetzins to become Shluchim & Chassidim, following in the steps of their parents, with the right ideals to face tomorrow.

With a fine quality of staff and many dedicated volunteers, Cheder Menachem is a warm, heimishe school with Chassidishe values and standards.

Cheder Menachem is part of the world wide hierarchy of Chabad Lubavitch.