Cheder Menachem currently services students Grades 1-8. Classes are co-ed until Grade 5.

Our Cheder is "al taharas hakodesh" - with a strong emphasis on Judaic studies with the Chabad focus and Hashkofos (outlook). The children explore the Chumash & Navi, use critical thinking skills as they grapple over Gemra discussions, discover the world around them in science, math, learn to read and write. Holidays ranging from traditional to Chassidic are celebrated with active involvement from the children as they learn to celebrate their Judaism and their identity as Chabad Chassidim and young shluchim.

Over the course of their Elementary & Middle years, the Cheder strives to provide the students with the knowledge and skills they will need for life. Upon graduation, we hope that our students will have not only learned; but are ready to become 'teachers' - impacting the world around them in a posi