Jewish life has comes a long way since the early years. While shluchim of the past & Anash who did not live in reigious communities  frequently had to send their children away from home at an early age, today we benefit from modern technology and the growth of Chabad.

Here in New Jersey & Pennsylvania, we feel even luckier. And so do our children. They don’t have to live away from home or learn via a computer screen. They have a Cheder. 

Our challenges are tough: daily long distance travel, small multi-level classrooms, high costs etc. However, knowing that our children have a daily opportunity to learn with fellow children just like them, face to face with Chassidishe role models, immersed in an environment ibergegeben to the Rebbe’s values makes every challenge surmountable and every moment dear.

In the past few years, our Cheder has grown from a small group of children learning in a basement in Princeton, to 8 classes KA”H in a modern spacious facility. With a fine quality of staff and many dedicated volunteers, Cheder Menachem is a warm, heimishe school with chassidishe values and standards.

With growth comes additional expense. The daily cost to obtain and maintain a high quality of staff and curriculum becomes more difficult each year. Yet the need to preserve this integral lifeline for our children is a must.

We turn to you, our dear relatives and friends. Please help us keep Cheder Menachem a growing and viable institution. Your pledge will provide much needed chinuch and scholastic opportunities for over 65 children.

Please open your hearts and help our mosad. With you as our partners, we can build a strong tomorrow for our children.